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Trust through Transparency

Trust through Transparency is the term that we at sstern Vault use to describe how open we are to our clients. We do not want any unanswered questions about our product to be in anyone's mind. To address this goal, we provide information on bar audits and vault insurance to our clients.

Bar Audits and Tests

sstern Vault only purchases metal bars from world-renowned manufacturers who are on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) list. Every day, the world-class vaulting facility that we use in Montgomery, Texas, performs a bar count and audit of all bars currently held. It sends the bar audit to sstern Vault, and we provide these documents below to our clients.

Click here to download the Bar Audit

Every time a bar enters or leaves our vault, a new audit is performed of all the bars then stored in the vault. In addition, each bar added to our vault is sonically tested for purity and weight to ensure the highest quality and integrity of all metal purchased by sstern Vault clients.


Historically, gold and silver provide the most secure way to store wealth and maintain purchasing power. Their value and portability make them the perfect asset to retain for investment liquidity, but only if they are insured against loss and theft. Many home insurance policies will not cover precious metals kept in the home, and those that are available are prohibitively expensive.

Our bullion is insured for loss by theft or natural disaster. Details of the coverage provided under the policy can be obtained upon request.

Click here to download the Certificate of Insurance

Company Audits

We only purchase high-quality bullion bars, store them securely in a world-class vaulting facility and protect all metal with a commercial grade insurance policy. But in spite of that, we understand that our clients need to know that they can trust sstern Vault in our capacity as custodian of their metal. In addition to standing firm on integrity and earning our clients trust, we use a reputable third-party company to audit our financials.

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